Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Bi-ternal System: Two Is the New One

Suppose we had two suns. Two moons. Two planet earths. Two brains. Two bodies. How about two, ideo-genetically equivalent (and on the same plane) answers to every question...? Although the first objects mentioned may be, currently, scientifically impossible, the final question is more psychologically and abstract / metaphysically / scientifically possible than one might think. This proposition leads us to postulate on the actual outcomes of having two leading designs, within the same dimension, to every obstacle. The exasperating, age-old bout between ethics and politics may be daunting and over-the-hill for anyone, or any philosopher for that matter, to find an answer to, but implementing a new 'bi-ternal' system would show the positive effects of unanimously heading the world's greatest governments with, not one, but two leaders. Furthermore, the innovative genius behind the bi-ternal system reveals itself to be relevant in other competing fields.




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