Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 Brief Thoughts: The 'Immaterial' Idea and Reincarnation

Sorry just drank some energy drink so felt like making this pretty... haha okay

...all this numerology stuff, it reminds me of two things.

 ■ a past thought, just maybe a split of a second: can we not
    change time...? are people's destinies decided before they
    are even born? is there a universal order...?

 ■ another past thought before i realized the Master Idea: we
     are ideas before we ever become materialized. That is,
     before i knew myself, before i will ever know anything
     about myself, the 'idea' of me already exists. my 'idea' is
     shared with other's 'ideas', like 2 over-lapping circles so we 

    'know' each other before we ever know each other: our ideas 
     merge their compositions on a sub level that can't be detected.
     that is why some people seek out certain types of chara-
     cteristics in others and why, arguably, what we want in
     life or the relationships we obtain is something that cannot
     be changed. furthermore, because the material is based
     on an 'immaterial' realm that is always constant and 
     invariable, we can say that the basis of 'reincarnation'
     and numerology correlate with this very idea. the ultimate
     realization is knowing that if 'i' am an idea and 'she/he' is an
     idea then we both came from somewhere, i.e. the
     Master Idea... more on this later.



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