Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Current Projects: Make This Room 'Mini-Game'

Powered by HTML5 and Flash technologies, user will be able to control the cursor via face direction, which happens to be surprisingly more stable than eye tracking. Future implements might include the addition of eye tracking but as of right now, the program runs pretty smoothly, so we might not mess with it.

In addition to face direction tracking we have sound recognition, or the recognition of commands created by the user. This gives each user the opportunity to create voice commands unique to their voice.

The 'mini-game' is just a simple display of the potential power of combining forces between two different styles of technology, i.e. the techniques for enhancing user-interaction.

Deadline is May 29th. We're half way finished. Although it is not cross browser tested, if you have a modern browser you should be able to see what is finished up to this point:


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