Saturday, May 4, 2013

Brief Beef: Systematic Mass Influence / Control of the Real Social Network

Sorry, I'm a little bit tired so I am just going to write the gist of the idea. I think this idea is up there, not too up there, but a good one among other ideas. Will rewrite, but for now...

Here are my original thoughts...

"all of the voices in our heads may be saying different things but they come from the same place. it's an idea that's broadcast...

analogy: like how each of our iphones displays the web but the internet is where the source is. get it...?
what if someday we could prove where the voices come from we can follow the trail to the source. it will no longer be a matter of conjecture
see, each of our t.v.s has something different on, but none the less they all broadcast a purpose, even if we can't make sense of it
what is the purpose of the Master Idea...? and can it be changed / influenced by humans...?
could humans one day control the Master Idea in a systematic way as to affect the network of billions for beneficial causes
we could connect to each humans mind through their 'voice' in a target audience group. the voice wouldn't say exactly what we want...
it'd say the 'gist' of what we want because it is interpreted by the user / target's mind only. consequently the message could be rejected"

Additional beef:

"It's like the roots of the trees or the tributaries of a river, our minds, they all go back to the source..."

Now, I'm not saying that the Master Idea is physical, although, at this moment, that is what I believe (I may be wrong). I'm saying that when we find IT, IT will be able to be studied and controlled / used for various purposes... This isn't meant to sound magical or fantastical at all, but, if it exists, as I believe it does, it is something that should be considered a very powerful instrument for the coming new age.

The future is not technology, it's how we use it.

(more on this later... tbc.)


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