Friday, May 17, 2013

Project N: 'See' the Numbers Around You

This project is specifically for 'xTroller' devices (xTroller description at bottom, scroll down).

"In the future if Nintendo will still be investing in research and development, the company may possibly have a new type of controller. The 'xTroller' is an innovative type of controller I conceived that is controlled partially by how player's brain waves react to stimuli and the motion of player's eyes during game play. I'm not talking about a freaking huge 3D headset like back in the 80's. I'm talking about a semi-transparent visor that fits to your right ear. It's as slim as a credit card about 2-3 in. long and 1/4- 2 in. in height that displays a separate part of the game the player is playing on a flat screen in the visor itself. Being that the visor is semi-transparent, the player can actually see the t.v. and the content on the visor, creating an interactive window. This would be great for multi-player challenges, because then the video screen on the t.v. would not have to be split, as it is in many scenarios."
-XJ Hall, 01.04.2010

I have work to do, but here is the gist: Project N will allow the user to visually see the numerical representation of the objects or figures in the space around or in front of him, specifically within the window or viewing range of an 'xTroller' device. While the 'xTroller' takes in information, it analyzes the graphical data and computes an output number. If the content being analyzed is language oriented, i.e. text, a type of OCR will first be used, followed by the numeral calculation.

Project N will be able to pick objects out in the scene, including text, and compute the equivalent number according to Numerology, and at least 2 other standard modes of number calculation.

This is interesting. For the first time, users will have the ability to calculate Numerology in fast, real time from actual objects in the room around them. They will be able to 'see' the numbers...!


In addition to analyzing graphical data this could be enhanced by including the numerical calculation of SOUND data, i.e. speech recognition, frequency recognition, etc.


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