Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughts: 'Feelings'

"People will forget your name, they'll forget your face, but they won't forget how you made them feel..."

I was searching around my house the other day for several minutes looking for something. I was oblivious to being oblivious that I didn't know what I was looking for. How can a person not know what they are looking for? Isn't that a paradox or something along those lines...? How can a person know what word they want to use but not remember it....? I think the answer is: people are lead by their feelings, under the surface, first, before logic on the surface. The 'feeling' of finding my keys, or just the feeling of the keys, is what animated my body to do what it did.

This is very interesting, I wonder if these 'feelings' are acquired by contact with everyday objects and how...? I mean, could a person pick up a 'feeling' just by looking at an object, does the person have to be in the same room...? If a feeling is under the surface first, can it be manipulated...?  Can these 'feelings' be synthesized...? What role do they play in Image Projection...?

Also stemming from this, is there a larger 'feeling' that we are unaware of that drives us to do things...? If we associate 'feelings' with events, will we be able to be retro-associative and find out what someone has experienced via the 'feeling'...?

Very interesting...

"You can forget a word, you can forget what something looks like, you can forget what happened to you, but you won't forget how it makes you feel..."


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