Friday, May 10, 2013

Image Broadcasting / Projection: Intelligent Images

Not very well written. This idea is just another part or add-on to the Image Projection Theory (XJ Hall) explained in my previous posts. I'm planning on using these ideas in some interactive CG, although, I doubt that something effective could be achieved if it were limited in scale, considering what it entails.

I just thought of something while walking to Walgreens this morning. I was in my thoughts, thinking out loud as usual, and I was thinking, 

"Stop thinking out loud, pretty soon you'll start to think out loud and you won't even know it." 

Anyways, I was sort of wondering if I was ever going to have the efficacy of mind I had earlier in my life that was due to several factors including the medication I was on, and I concluded that I probably wouldn't and that I would fade into 'the grey' and be forgotten. But based on my previous thoughts, that is ultimately incorrect. 

Why is it incorrect? Well, first off, we can argue no one is ever truly 'forgotten'. We die but the effect we have on the network is bigger than what we would imagine or are able to recognize, at least by the untrained eye. You can see in my previous notes that I argue that a person lives on through their works, whatever those be. It can be mentoring someone, it can be a piece of art, it can be music or their profession. The person puts a piece of himself in everything he produces and that part of the person can be identified years after they're gone. If you've read my Image Broadcasting Theory you know I argue that people project motives that are picked up and transferred from one person to another. These are ways that people are not forgotten, even if we are unaware of their presence.

But this is not the point. I was talking out loud, 

"Yes, we all live on, none of us is forgotten. But it's not like we really do live on, because the part of us does not resemble our animated selves, unless it was intelligent..."

Intelligence...? Intelligence in a projection...? Okay, before you say that is an awesome idea, I just saw Prometheus (the movie) the other day which had the same sort of idea that I had years ago, which is similar to this idea. So, I'm no genius. But the good news is my idea is a different take.

Basically, the gist is, via Image Broadcasting we will be able to project an image that is interactive, i.e. has intelligence. In order to do this, the projection would probably stem from multiple outlets and be condensed into one experience for the user. The experience can be short and quick, or can span days and across spaces. Remember, Image Broadcasting Theory says that the Image that is being broadcast or projected can be diffused into the network but focused back into its original state. In order for the user to refocus the image into one he would have to be connected to the nodes projecting each separate part .

The intelligent projection is not singular, i.e. there are more nodes than one projecting the image via multiple outlets. There are real world examples of this today, probably not intentional, which is why I deem them 'natural projections'. 'Artificial projections' are engineered to have a specific certain effect on the user or target audience.

Soon, when I actually start working with this Theory, we will be able to tell if we can project intelligent images via the network and have people interact with the plurality of it. We could affect billions of people via this. The very exciting thing is that, because of intelligence, the image will change according to the users' reactions to it. What could this be used for...? Lots of stuff, really.


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